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Children's Cancer Institute

Making it easier for donors across Australia to support research in to childhood cancer with a new supporter experience.


A beautiful donate experience to help the kids

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) faced challenges with a poorly performing online donation experience, that inhibited rather than encouraged donations.

We helped them create a beautiful, mobile-ready donate experience for secure once off, recurring and appeal-based donations.

33% reduction in donate page drop outs 400% increase in traffic to giving pages 1 destination for all online giving

One destination for all online giving

Every non profit organisation knows the importance of donor intimacy. Donors should feel special, important, and not just a source of money to be shuffled from one giving platform to the next.

We helped CCIA create a consolidated giving portal for all online giving, whether it be donations, appeals, fundraising or even buying tickets to an event. They now control the full donor journey and ensure its provide an experience worthy of their supporters’ generosity.


PIXO is helping us transform our donor relationships with beautiful online giving experiences. Suzanne Riley Marketing Manager, Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia