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Rare Cancers Australia

From startup to heavy-hitter in cancer fundraising and awareness in just 3 years.

PIXO has been there for the full journey.


What happens when you start with good web from day zero?

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) launch in 2012 to shine a light on government funding for the treatment of less common cancers. In just 3 years, we helped them establish a national community of patients, advocates and fundraisers through innovative online capability.

$1.5M raised for better cancer treatments >250,000 visits to websites 4 annual climbs of Mt Kosciusko!

Zero to hero. The ascent to national recognition.

Starting a new business is tough. Starting a new non-profit is even tougher. PIXO and Rare Cancers Australia worked together to build a website that gave people reasons to visit, stay and take action all in one site.

By bringing together great content with rich capability, such as event registrations, donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more, RCA established relevance and provided opportunities to engage for its online audience.


PIXO is a strategic partner to Rare Cancers Australia. More than just our ‘web guys’, they enable us to build real engagement with our patients, advocates and supporters. Richard Vines Rare Cancers Australia