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All-in-one Web Content, Fundraising, Event Ticketing, Donations, Campaigns for smarter non-profit organisations

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The Problem

Most non-profit websites are stuck in the 90's.
OK design, but all the good bits like online fundraising, event ticketing, donations and shopping are outsourced to external sites. Donors don’t like this, and it costs a lot in service fees and commissions.

The Problem Image 1
The Problem Image 1
There’s a better way

PIXO unites great design with cutting edge technology
to change lives through web.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

We make it super easy for supporters to set up their own fundraising pages directly on your website and share this with their friends. Open a world of fundraising opportunities for your organisation, while avoiding third-party commission fees.

Event Ticketing

Enable easy event registrations directly from your website. Whether your event is for promotion, fundraising, advocacy, training or just a small workshop, we’ve made it easy for you to create and manage events.


Whether you just want to sell a couple of ribbons, or you’ve got your logo on every shirt, mug and key ring out there, we make managing your merchandise and transactions easy. No need to sort through email orders, or redirect to another website, it’s all handled directly on your website, and you just get the list of items to ship off.


Your donate page is critical and needs to account for all the ways your supporters want to give. We know that you have a lot more to worry about than processing payments, or paying commissions to third parties. We’ve put in the work to make online donations easy and secure.

Content Management

Changing information on your website shouldn’t have to be difficult. Our content management system allows you to create, edit and review everything that appears on your website, without you having to be a technical genius.


Allow your supporters to engage and build loyalty with your organisation by creating a membership program tailored to your unique requirements, benefits and audience. Your members are then able to manage and renew their memberships directly from your website.

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Where's the proof?

How we’re helping cure brain cancer

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