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PIXO was founded in 2012 with a purpose of helping nonprofit organisations achieve their missions through better digital.

Founders Nigel Hokin and Andrew Menzies were inspired to create PIXO after a chance conversation with the CEO of Rare Cancers Australia (RCA).

Richard, who was also in startup mode with RCA, described his disappointment at not having the ability to accept online donations within his new website. We took a look at what he needed and agreed to build RCA a new website with an integrated donation system.

It worked out pretty well, and soon PIXO was working with a number of small nonprofits with similar needs to RCA. 

In our early days, PIXO operated as a digital agency and provided custom website solutions for nonprofits across Australia. After hundreds of projects of varying complexity, we observed a common trend: Nonprofits really needed a better way to engage supporters through their main website, and not constantly leak audiences to myriad microsites and third-party online platforms that only provided part of the solution.

In 2018, PIXO embarked on the development of ‘PIXO Platform’, an ‘all-in-one’ SaaS platform that would enable nonprofits to run a single, comprehensive websites with the lot: Content, donations, fundraising, membership, events, store and baked-in integration with leading data management platform such as Salesforce®.

Today, PIXO is working with nonprofit organisations across Australia and internationally, and helping our customers engage their community and supporters through digital excellence.

Whether it’s curing cancer, saving the environment, helping kids at risk or fighting social injustice, PIXO is here to enable your mission.

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