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All-in-one web for smarter non-profit organisations

Meet the team

We’ve assembled a diverse team of digital experts that are passionate about using their unique skills to help change lives.

We’re only as good as our people

Don’t judge us by our stunning good looks, we’re also experts in our fields, and together we’re a multidisciplinary force of talented planners, thinkers, designers and developers. You can focus on your organisation and trust that your website is in the capable hands of people that live and love digital.

Nigel Hokin ceo With 20 years experience in enterprise technology, Nigel saw a need to extend advanced yet affordable web capability to small and medium sized organisations. He jumped from his leadership role at Microsoft, hired these other fine people, and grew PIXO from the ground up.
Andrew menzies technical director Our powerful platform all began as a twinkle in Andrew’s eye, and with the business side in Nigel’s safe hands, he was able to bring it to life. He’s now built a team of developers to help him nurture and grow our system.
Rebecca Anderson Customer Support If you ever have an enquiry about your PIXO-made website, feel free to give Rebecca a call. Working with our skilled developers, she will manage any support task or query you may have and is your go-to person to get things done.
lisa Morellini head of design From a young age Lisa has been focused on creating beautiful and user-friendly web experiences, and she’s now the head of all things designed at PIXO. Although her work is her passion, she also loves making time each week to volunteer at a retirement home.
ian smithers web developer With over a decade of experience in software and web development, Ian brings a diverse set of skills and unique perspective to our team. Working as a full stack .NET developer he creates custom solutions on our platform, as well as offering Salesforce integrations.
brenten sharp web developer When not terrifying PIXO staff with his jiu-jitsu moves, Brenten is master of our front-end web development capability and has hundreds of projects under his belt.
leo liu web developer As a Front End Web Developer and all round technical guru, Leo is dedicated to getting projects done quickly while assisting with support tasks. He is keen on latest web technology and loves spending time with his Samoyed puppy.
Strahinja Ajvaz Web Developer An all-round experienced developer, Strahinja works with Rebecca to handle our technical support tasks for our client base. Although he's passionate about coding, every now and then he likes to escape the screen and go camping.
leah graeve Commercial Manager Leah is an experienced commercial manager who has the uncanny capability of making contracts fun. When not entertaining us with contractual witticisms, Leah can be found attending to the needs of two, demanding (but very cute) golden retrievers.
Is this you? We're Hiring! If you think we look like people you could spend your days with, and you believe you have skills that could be useful to us, then have a look at our current job openings.