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Hosting & Security

Our web platform is built on enterprise-grade data platforms hosted by Microsoft Azure, and employs industry standard security processes to protect data.

Hosting Platform

Service & Geography: Unity is built on the Microsoft Azure enterprise cloud platform. Location options for hosting are South East Asia (i.e. Singapore) or Australia.

Operational Security: Operational security of the hosting platform is managed by Microsoft, who apply a Security Operational Lifecycle to management and platform development. Find out more

Network Security, Threat Management, Penetration Testing: Find out more



Data Encryption

Unity enables public users to set up user names and passwords within a web environment, to manage engagement and transactions over time. Unity employs 256bit SSL encryption technology to secure all personal and transactional data in transmission from client to server, and ongoing encryption of all passwords in the unlikely event of a data breach.

PIXO manage SSL certificate renewals in an ongoing capacity through it support programs.



Credit Card Details

Unity does not store credit card details. Credit Card orders are executed via a Level 1 PCI compliant payment gateway. Recurring orders (e.g. a monthly donation) are executed through ‘tokenisation’ of card details. Tokens are unusable by third parties in the event of a data breach.




Unity warrants a 99.5% site availability excluding planned maintenance. The most recent audit on the Unity environment reported platform availability at 99.9%.

The Unity service is architected to be geo-redundant, meaning that should one datacentre experience an outage, the service is automatically switched to second datacentre in a different geography.

Data stored within Unity is automatically backed-up in real-time via the Microsoft Azure service.



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