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Approach to Human-First Digital

Before the first pixel is pushed or line of code crunched, there’s strategy.

We work side-by-side with your team to strategise how digital infrastructure helps your organisation to achieve its mission. Strategy doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need to be clear, actionable and shared. Here’s how we do it.


Creating a digital strategy starts with understanding your organisation and its reason for being. We start this journey by interviewing key stakeholders in your organisation and building a framework of needs that can be supported by human-first digital.


By learn more about your organisation, we can map business objectives to new digital metrics and thus create aligned goals.


Building on this foundation, we identify key audiences in your community and how digital support their engagement needs. Understanding this needs, such as information gathering, acquiring help, or providing donation and fundraising support, enables us to maximise the value and impact of your digital infrastructure.


With clarity on your organisation and audience objectives, we architect solutions that bring together the platforms, services, and data flows that together form your new, human-first digital environment.  


Strategy often stops at implementation, however a good strategy also extends to a plan for performance management and improvement of the full digital ecosystem. Performance is mapped and compared to objectives, and insights then inform future direction.


The digital landscape is fast moving and ever changing, and new opportunities to evolve your digital ecosystem for improved results will emerge over time. We provides a strategic framework for assessing these opportunities and proposing controlled, evolutionary upgrades over time.  


That's the theory. 

Now let's put it to work with PIXO's web platform.

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