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Data & Integration

Data is the heart of human-first digital. 

It enables you to understand your supporters better and tailor experiences to their individual preferences. Whilst an all-in-one website is the place where data is created, a CRM is where it goes to live.

PIXO provides a full suite of data integration and management services for the Salesforce® CRM ecosystem.


Data & Integration

The Magic Triangle

Human-first digital starts with an all-in-one website, and extends to zero-touch integration with CRM and email marketing systems (EMS).

Our  ‘Magic Triangle’ blueprint moves data smoothly between web, CRM and email marketing systems to enable highly personalised and relevant engagement with supporters.

1. Website

Example: Sarah makes a $50 donation to "Clean Water Appeal"

2. CRM

Example: Sarah automatically created as a contact in Salesforce® and her campaign gift of $50 recorded. 

3. Email Marketing System

Example: Sarah received a "Thank You" email and is added to a "New Donor" email journey with an objective of uplifting Sarah to a regular donor within 12 months. 

Service Lines

Data Management Services

Zero-Touch Integration for Salesforce®

Create an automated flow of data between web and CRM. Service includes audit of existing Salesforce implementation, update and configuration of Salesforce objects, installation of connector package, training and documentation.

Salesforce® Set Up & Implementation

Implement a Salesforce® CRM for the first time in an organisation. Service includes strategy workshops, process planning, data analysis,  implementation, training and documentation.

Data Cleansing & Migration

Consolidate, standardise and cleanse data in preparation for migration into Salesforce®. Service includes final data upload into new or existing Salesforce® instance.

Data Analysis & Segmentation

Gain insights and understanding from large or complex data sets. Implement strategies for creating and applying segments within the data set that helps group contacts by behaviour.

Virtual Salesforce® Administrator

Outsource day-to-day Salesforce® administration to a certified professional responsible for ensuring consistent and high quality execution of tasks required to keep your Salesforce instance operating at peak performance.

Email Marketing Set Up & Integration

Integrate email marketing systems (EMS) such as AutoPilot, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor with Salesforce® CRM.


“Over the last 18-months, PIXO has guided us on a data-led engagement strategy for supporters, and the results have been incredible. We can now see a supporter’s full history with us which helps us engage with purpose and precision."

Arbel Givargis, Marketing Director, OCRF

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