Release Notes

2.18.2 Release Notes

November 2022 updates include updates to events, forms, user experience and more.

The latest PIXO patch is a mixed bag of quality of life issues and bug fixes.

It restores some functionality that was removed from previous versions. Registration form fields can now be edited outside the event create/update flow. QR codes have been restored to registrations and are available in emails, user dashboard and admin.

In addition, once a user has been updated with this version, the admin area will now display an alert that the site has been updated and include a link to the release notes. This alert will remain for 7 days after each update.

Events and Registrations

  • Event registration form fields can now be accessed outside of the Event create/update flow. The fields are accessible at Admin > Content > Event Form Fields.
  • QR codes have been restored to event registrations and will appear in the User Dashboard, Admin and outgoing registration emails. The QR contains the ticket ID.
  • Administrators can now choose to hide the venue name from Events. This change impacts both the list and view pages.


  • Forms can now be duplicated from within Admin.
  • The form submission page will now display the submission date, not the created date of the form.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue on the User Account Form where the country would not save to the user record for the basic country field.
  • Directory Articles with embedded forms should now submit correctly.
  • Site-wide search order has been adjusted. Previously release reverted the ordering to an earlier version.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing fundraisers from joining an expired fundraising team.
  • Meta tags are now embedded on all pages that expose them.
  • Changed wording on Admin Campaign filters for clarity.
  • Admin will now display an alert when the site has received an update. This alert will remain visible for up to 7 days.
  • Product quantity limits now apply to Events and Memberships if those products are attached. The values can be adjusted at the Event/Membership level. If left blank, stock-levels are used. For events, the quantity limit is per-registration.
  • The item-level order report now includes a SKU column for any products.
  • News articles can now be duplicated from within Admin.
  • The Store list and view pages now allow users to directly enter item quantities.
  • Administrators can now edit the receipt page text for general donations.
  • Orders with an Awaiting Payment status can now be deleted if the order was generated by an administrator or if the order is older than 10 minutes.
  • User Dashboard payment pages will now display the Organisation name as the Paid To value.
  • Minimum Quantity values for discounts now work as expected. If the discount is set to exclude products, any products included in the order will be ignored when validating the discount.

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