Build, control and edit your website

A full CMS that’s flexible and powerful in equal measure, build simple campaign sites through to complete brand sites with hundreds of pages of content.

Website builder for nonprofits

A full CMS that's flexible and powerful

PIXO’s Content management system (CMS) allows you to build, control and edit your website without having to code from the ground up. Using a drag and drop system in conjunction with html accessibility, the PIXO CMS offers unrivalled customisation and accessibility.

Build full websites

With a versatile content management system, PIXO allows you to build a powerful, engaging website to suit your organisation’s needs. Build full websites, campaigns Sites, or community portals.

Page builder

Build, edit and publish content through a user friendly page builder system. Featuring extensive pre-built panels and templates as well as HTML access for the code savvy in your organisation.

Menu and navigation system

Impliment your versatile navigation system effortlessly. A hierarchical tree structure enables you to plan and implement your navigation system with granular control.

Manage embeddable content

Easily add videos, maps, and all embeddable content into any page. Manage your content with a centralised management and editing software accessible from your content creation page.

Article and directory system

PIXO Platform provides features for creating databases of rich content within your main site. Need a directory for members, jobs, resources, services? We’ve got your covered.

Built in SEO features

Optimise web traffic with easy to use, built in search engine optimisation features to facilitate your content marketing strategy and build your community organically.

Form builder

Use PIXO’s simple drag and drop form builder to collect all the data your organisation needs. Create forms in minutes - no coding necessary.

Vanity URLs

Easily manage vanity URLs to help users find and remember certain pages of your site. Ideal for fundraising campaigns. 

Reports and dashboards

Use a variety of multi-dimensional filters to report on conversion rates, revenue, membership sign-ups, event registrations and more.

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